Three Reads Over a Vacation Weekend: Encrypted Telephones Spill The Beans On Criminals, Yard Indicators Smash Democracy, and the Prices of a Excessive Regulation/Low Belief Society (as instructed via a bus cease)

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Crooks’ Mistaken Guess on Encrypted Telephones (New Yorker) – How European police have cracked “protected” encrypted telephones usually utilized by criminals, and the wealth of knowledge it’s offered. Come for the tech story and keep for perception into why cocaine is big in Europe, how smuggling logistics work, and the slang used to explain homicide.

The Harmful Rise of ‘Entrance-Yard Politics’ (The Atlantic) – Derek Thompson on why obsessing over slogans and phrases (and the performative show of them), is additional distracting us from getting stuff achieved and creating synthetic battle.

Why the US Can’t Have Good Factor – a Rant on Bus Stops (Chris Arnade) – Our proceed slide into incompetence, as demonstrated by a Los Angeles bus cease challenge.

“To get big-brained about it, one thing like La Sombrita may solely occur in a high-regulation/low-trust society just like the US. In each different variation (low regulation/excessive belief, excessive regulation/excessive belief, low regulation/low belief) you get both bigger public works with out worry of vandalism or misuse (a correct bus shelter), or like in Quito (a decrease regulation society) you get pure advert hoc bottom-up options.”

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